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Through the NBA get the Basic Steps to Starting Your Own Business
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NBA has a prime focus on assisting the Self-Employed & Small Business Community.
To be successful and achieve their professional goals we have gathered a wide array of resources to ensure the right tools are accessible.

The National Business Association developed the First Step Review to help meet the informational needs of existing business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs.

The FIRST STEP SOFTWARE SERIES began with research and development in mid-1980's by R. Jerry Adams, PHD, with a Co-Sponsorship Agreement with the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) and assistance from the SBA’s Small Business Development Centers. The First Step Serfies is updated regulary to keep it current and accurate. Each piece in the series was written to conform to SBA specifications and designed to make the loan process easy to understand.


Small Business Insurance Basics

Presented by OKlahoma Small Business Development  Center Network

Thursday, June 30th

11:00 am - 12:00pm

We all know there are many important decisions to be made when opening a business.  Making sure you select the right type of business insurance coverage is one of those.  Individuals attending this workshop will walk away with a better understanding of the following:


  • One Size Doesn't Fit All - Make the right choice for your business structure.

  • Do you have enough coverage?

  • Understanding Business Basics.

  • When is it time to revisit my insurance policy and coverage?

  • How do I know what types of insurance policies I need?

  • What affects my insurance costs?

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Securing Capital for Your Small Business - An Overview of SBA Program

Presented by SCORE - In Partnership with the SBA

Access to capital is critical to the survival of most small businesses accross the nation.  The SBA has taken a leadership role in advocating for the small business community during good times and bad times, and remains committed to helping small business owners secure capital when needed.  

Attend this session to obtain insights on securing capital for your small business and an overview of the pertinent SBA programs.



The Self-Employed Small Business Owners are the Backbone of our free enterprise system - they create jobs, provide innovative higher quality goods & services, and improve life in our communities.  They keep the economy strong while widening the path of opportunity for millions of Americans. 

We provide Resources Guides to assist the Self-Employed to attain success and continued success.

SMALL BUSINESS LOANS – Anticipating what lenders will review and require, you greatly increase your chances of obtaining a beneficial small business loan!

CHOOSING THE RIGHT ADVERTISING MEDIUM FOR YOUR BUSINESS. – A Guide for the Self-Employed Business owner with some straightforward information that will help bring about consistent success in advertising.

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