Are you an Emerging Champion?
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Are you an Emerging Champion?

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Are you an Emerging Champion?

By Dr Jill Ammon-Wexler
Pioneer brain/mind researcher
In terms of life success, there are four pretty obvious levels of accomplishment: First is the class of the current winners – those who have figured out what they what they want, and are taking focused action to attain their goals.

On the far end of the “level of accomplishment” measuring stick is the class of non-players – those who have yet realized their own potential.

But in between are two very interesting additional classes: One is the class of emerging winners – those who have grabbed onto a goal, and are beginning to take focused action to shape their own lives.

The other is the class of potential winners – folks whose beliefs are not yet in total alignment with success. They may have hit a tough bump in the road that knocked them off-course, or perhaps just need to make an adjustment to their self-concept.


You already know if you are an emerging winner. You can feel the fire and excitement of pursuing what you want. And you know that the only thing that can stop you is your own beliefs.

Probably you’re also discovering the amazing power of networking with other winners and emerging winners. There is a reason we are judged by the company we keep – because responding to that company helps mold our own behavior and responses to life.

And chances are you are also in process of creating your own way in the world of business – or are seriously thinking of doing so. This is one of the common hallmarks of emerging winners, and is an exciting part of their path.


Potential winners are easily identifiable. They are always searching. They read self-help books, attend motivational seminars, and buy and listen to inspirational tapes — believing sooner or later they will figure out how to create the life they desire.

They realize they have untapped talents and potentials, but may not have yet discovered how to convert their beliefs into actions!


Your transition from being a potential winner to an emerging winner is along the path of action.

The most empowering thing to do is this: Break out of your comfort zone, and take action to move your life to the next level of accomplishment.

Growth involves change. And let’s face it, change is sometimes uncomfortable. Moving from the *theory* of personal transformation to the *action* of personal transformation will cause some turbulence in your life.

Just identify at least one pressing reason why you cannot just yield to your fears. Remind yourself of why you want to change. Sometimes avoidance of a undesirable negative condition can be even more powerful than longing for a positive change. Use that reason to drive yourself past your fear and doubt.


Do you think you’re a non-player? I doubt that’s true, since you would never have been attracted to this article if it were so.

If you have a deep sense of restlessness and dissatisfaction with life, you are likely on the path to change and personal empowerment. That’s how it all starts for one becoming a potential winner.

Something inside yourself knows there are possibilities out there, and is encouraging you to reach out and claim more of your potential.

Actually this is a very good sign it’s time to move up into the class of the potential winners – and go to work to manifest more of who you can become. Go for it.

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