In Partnership with the self-employed, small business and entrepreneurs since 1982

Our Core Values

There are 5 core values we stand by and that we believe define who we are as an association, each one of our core values represent an important aspect of what we value and how we manage the association. We want our care to be reflected through our work.

We believe in the

free-enterprise system

We believe in an economy where an individual can choose where they work and how they invest their money, including the decision to start a small business. Where all individuals are free to buy and sell, make a profit, and own properties in a competitive market.

We believe small businesses are critical

Small business owners create jobs, provide goods and services, develop new cutting-edge technologies, establish strong markets, and support the development of healthy communities. They are critical to the success of not only our economy, but our country.

We believe diversity is a strength

From diversity of race, gender, ethnicity, religion, and sexual preference to diversity of thought and experience, diversity is empowerment. We strive to be a diverse team who prioritizes inclusivity.

We believe in vibrant communities

A strong and flourishing small business sector is essential to building and sustaining enriched communities. Communities are driven by small businesses who support causes—such as local charities, social organizations, the arts, and much more.

We believe passion brings ideas to life

Passion is the driving factor that pushed the idea of the National Business Association to fruition. It is a quality each of our Board Members possess and we hope inspires business owners to be passionate about their dreams.