This application is submitted in consideration for Membership in the National Business Association (NBA). The NBA provides the convenience of Membership automatic renewal so that you Benefits, and Services will not be cancelled or disrupted. I understand my Membership will automatically renew each month unless I give written notice to the NBA of my desire to cancel my NBA Membership.

The NBA’s Membership Dues Payment entitles the Member to the benefits of the selected Membership Level available at the time of the application. I understand the benefits are offered at the sole discretion of the NBA and may vary by availability, vendor, or state of residence of Member. The NBA reserves the right at its sole discretion to add or subtract benefits. While contributions or gifts to the NBA are not tax deductible as charitable for Federal Income Tax purposes, they may be tax deductible under other provision of the Internal Revenue Service Code. Monthly dues, charges, and fees are subject to change as deemed necessary by the NBA’s Board of Directors. The NBA may increase monthly dues by providing a written notice to you with minimum of thirty (30) days written notice.

I understand this authorization will remain in effect until I cancel in writing. I agree to notify the National Business Association or its designated administrator in writing at of any changes in my account information or termination of this authorization in enough time and manner for the NBA / administrator to act on the termination.