Simplify Your Path to Health and Fitness

Now that you’ve made the conscious decision to prioritize your health and fitness, and now that you’ve made the commitment to having a plan, what’s next? You know you want to be healthier, more productive and energized both in and out of the office. But the path to reach those goals may seem long, winding, and full of obstacles that hinder your progress. My advice to you: Keep it simple. Avoid the detours and “shortcuts” that can lead you astray.

Take your approach to business as an example. As a business owner, trying to accomplish too much too soon is a certain recipe for failure. Sure, you may have a grand vision and big dreams. But to realize those dreams, you must take small, practical and implementable steps. You must also stay the course. Overcomplicating the process can lead to distraction and underperformance. The same applies to your vision for health and fitness. Trying to tackle too much, too quickly can end up setting you back rather than moving you forward. You can’t complete a triathlon, for instance, without first training in a smart way to be a better runner, swimmer and cyclist. You can’t run a marathon without first being able to run a mile.

To maximize your success in your path toward fitness, break your journey into simple, clearly defined, and do-able goals. Want to be a better runner? Work on improving your technique and increasing your stamina. Want to get stronger? Follow a practical, proven, goal-oriented strength program. Want to reduce stress and fatigue? Start planning recovery days into your week. Want to lean out and eat healthier? Adopt sustainable, simple changes to your diet to transition to healthier habits.

Identify Obstacles In Your Way and Systematically Take Them Down One by One

Keep it simple. But remember: Simple doesn’t mean easy. Be wary of fitness programs, equipment, pills and diets that claim quick results with minimal effort. You must be willing and ready to put in the work, the time and the effort to meet your milestones on the path to a healthier, happier, more productive you.

About Robert J. Selders, Jr.

Robert Selders, Jr. is a health and fitness expert, author, speaker, and the owner of 3Q Fitness in Garland, TX. He helps busy professionals and business owners get the health and fitness results they want in the time they’ve got. For more information, please feel free to contact him at or visit his website at

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