National Business Association believes these free, taxpayer funded Resources, provide valuable information and tools to assist the Self-Employed and Small Business Community in attaining long-term success.

U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA)

SBA works to ignite change and spark action so small businesses can confidently start, grow, expand, or recover.

Created in 1953, the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) continues to help small business owners and entrepreneurs pursue the American dream. SBA is the only cabinet-level federal agency fully dedicated to small business and provides counseling, capital, and contracting expertise as the nation’s only go-to resource and voice for small Business.

SBA – Financial Assistance

Loans – Start or expand your business with loans guaranteed by the Small Business Administration. Use Lender Match to find lenders that offer loans for your business.

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SBA Guaranteed Loans – Is an SBA Loan Right for You? The Quick Guide

This eGuide provided by SCORE is designed to give you an overview of the SBA loan programs to help you decide if an SBA loan may be right for your business. Download eGuide provided by SCORE

Investment Capital – Find an investor for your business through a Small Business Investment Company (SBIC) licensed by the Small Business Administration (SBA).

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Disaster Assistance – The SBA provides low-interest disaster loans to help businesses and homeowners recover from declared disasters.

Get help after disasters – Click Here

Surety Bonds – The Small Business Administration (SBA) guarantees bid, performance, and payment surety bonds issued by certain surety companies.

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SCORE Association – Counselors to America’s Small Business

SCORE’s mission is to foster vibrant small business communities through mentoring and education. SCORE, the nation’s largest network of volunteer, expert business mentors, is dedicated to helping small businesses get off the ground, grow and achieve their goals. Since 1964, SCORE has provided education and mentorship to more than 11 million entrepreneurs.

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Association of Women's Business Centers (AWBC)

AWBC is a national non-profit 501(c)(3) organization founded in 1998.  The AWBC works to secure economic justice and entrepreneurial opportunities for women by supporting and sustaining a national network of over 100 Women’s Business Centers ( Our vision is to be the leading advocate for the national network of Women’s Business Centers and ignite the entrepreneurial spirit of female entrepreneurs.

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America’s Small Business Development Centers

America’s SBDC represents America’s nationwide network of Small Business Development Centers (SBDCs) – the most comprehensive small business assistance network in the United States and its territories. SBDCs are hosted by leading universities, colleges, state economic development agencies and private partners, and funded in part by the United States Congress through a partnership with the U.S. Small Business Administration. There are nearly 1,000 local centers available to provide no-cost business consulting and low-cost training to new and existing businesses.

Small business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs can go to their local SBDCs for FREE face-to-face business consulting and at-cost training on a variety of topics. Learn more about how SBDCs are helping local businesses start, grow and thrive.


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North Texas Small Business Development Center Network - NTSBDC

The Small Business Development Center (SBDC) is currently the largest management assistance program serving the business sector in the United States.

An SBDC conducts research, counsels and trains business people in managing, financing and operating small businesses, providing comprehensive information services and access to experts in a variety of fields. Each SBDC encourages unique local efforts to meet small business needs in its area.

It is the philosophical approach of the SBDC to guide and train the client in the areas of assistance required, rather than doing the work for them. Any present or prospective business owner is eligible for SBDC management and technical advising at no charge.

Visit – NTSBDC

North Texas Small Business Development Center’s Frequently Asked Questions:

Business Startup – FAQ
Financial – FAQ
Legal & Tax – FAQ

The North Texas SBDC in Colin County has several Templates and Documents to Assist in your Business Growth

Visit Colin SBDC to Download



Start-Up Expense Calculator
Excel spreadsheet that will help assess how much money will be needed to start the business

Feasibility Comparison
Is it the right idea for you? Does the business idea have a market? How many competitors are in that market? How much money will be needed to finance the start-up?

Competitive Analysis
This document will help you find the uniqueness of your business


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Arkansas Small Business and Technology Center

The Arkansas Small Business and Technology Development Center is a higher-education-based economic development program that assists entrepreneurs, both new and seasoned. We help with every aspect of business creation, management, and operation.

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Government contracting can provide an additional revenue stream and stable cash flow, expand your business network, and offer personal and professional opportunities for growth and development.

In this e-book you will find lots of acronyms and other information you need to know to enter the world of government contracting.


While bootstrapping a business with your own savings is common, most small business owners will seek outside funding at some point. With the diverse alternatives available, how do you decide which option is the best fit for your business?

In this e-book you will find descriptions of 12 types of small business financing, along with an estimate of the time and the cost required to obtain them. The hourglass and dollar sign icons allow you to quickly compare the options.


Montana - SBDC

Our mission is to provide tools and guidance to help small businesses succeed.

North Dakota – SBDC

Helps North Dakotans to start, manage, and grow their businesses.

South Dakota – SBDC

Start, grow, and improve your business in South Dakota. We can help!

Oklahoma - SBDC

Provides confidential, high quality, no cost entrepreneurial and small business management advising in order to help Oklahomans start and grow businesses.

Wyoming - SBDC - Entrepreneurs Helping Entrepreneurs

Armed with first-hand small business experience, our expert small business advisors are located throughout the state to bring you no-cost, confidential assistance.

Citizens Bank of Edmund, OK

Citizens Bank of Edmund Celebrates 120 Years of Serving the Edmund Community. For Complete Info – Visit

Citizen’s RISE – A Retail Incubator for the Shopkeeper Experience. Whether you’re an established shop wanting to test a different market or a new local concept ready to launch, Citizens RISE can help. Visit Rise

Heard on Hurd – A street festival in downtown Edmond powered by Citizens Bank of Edmond that features more than 60 retail and food vendors and 3 local, live performing artists! Visit Heard on Hurd

Colorado Small Development Center

The Colorado Business Resource Book is one of the most successful and comprehensive business books in the nation. This publication is made possible by the Colorado Business Development Foundation and the Colorado Small Business Development Center Network.

Since its inception in 1998, more than 200,000 copies of the book have been distributed to entrepreneurs across Colorado and the nation. In 2019, a digital version of the book was made into an online resource at Through the website, we are able to constantly update the ever-changing information entrepreneurs need to know.

Your one-stop resource for everything related to starting a business!

Visit the Colorado Business Resource Book website to browse the book, print sections and/or order a hard copy.

Colorado - SBDC Network - FREE Training Videos

The Colorado SBDC Network offers free online training videos to help you start and grow your business. The videos range in topics from Starting a Business to Managing Your Finances to the Foundations of Marketing.

Videos titles include – Developing a Business PlanDetermine Your Business Legal Structure, Preparing a Cash Budget, Preparing a Balance Sheet, Assessing Your Company’s Financial Needs, Building Your Brand and Target Your Market.

Complete List of the Free E-Learning Videos 

Making and Selling Digital Products Video

Franklin Taggart gives a short presentation on making and selling digital info products. This video is for people who are brand new to online business opportunities and are seeking an easy way to get started.  Watch the Video                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Since 1989, the Larimer Small Business Development Network (SBDC) has been dedicated to helping entrepreneurs and business, start, grow, and prosper through street-smart business education and assistance through Larimer County, Colorado.  The Center supports the growth and resiliency of small businesses by providing free confidential business consulting, practical workshops & events and connection to resources, including financing.

Texas SBDC Networks

Starting or growing your business in Texas? Let us help! With over 60 centers strategically located in rural, urban, and suburban communities throughout the Lone Star state, the Texas Small Business Development Center Network has the knowledge, tools and resources you need to succeed.                                                                                                                     Texas SBDC

Texas SBDC’s Lead Offices

Houston – University of Houston

Dallas – Bill J. Priest Institute – El Centro College

San Antonio – University of Texas at San Antonio

Lubbock – Texas Tech University

Tarrant – The Tarrant Small Business Development Center (SBDC) provides One-On-One Advising, Low-Cost Workshops, and Technical Assistance to entrepreneurs and small business owners in Tarrant County.  This SBDC offers several YouTube Videos to assist the Small Business Owner.  Below are a sample of 120 + Videos available

Grant and Funding Preparedness, Cyber Security for Small Business,  Additional Funding Resources plus More.

More Texas SBDC

The Tarleton State University Small Business Development Center (SBDC) is an outreach program of the Northwest Texas Small Business Development Center. The SBDC provides counseling, technical assistance, training workshops, and reference resources for small businesses and entrepreneurs.                                                                             Tarleton – SBDC 

Rio Grande College Small Business Development Center 

Pacific Island SBDC Network

The University of Guam Pacific Islands Small Business Development Center Network (PISBDCN) and the Guam Small Business Development Center (SBDC) is housed at the University of Guam School of Business and Public Administration. This center was opened in 1995. From 1999 through 2002 five additional centers were opened, creating the first international SBDC Network.

The SBDC Network – Provides a descriptive detail to a Business Plan Outline

Down load the Outline

The Pacific Island SBDC also provides Templates to assist Your Small Business

  • Financial Projections Template – 3 Products Model
  • Financial Projections Template
  • Competition Matrix – Pro
  • Staffing Pattern – Pro

Down Load these 4 Templates