NCS Plus

During these times of tightening profit margins, it is increasingly important that businesses maximize all the revenues they have earned. We are pleased to introduce a new Member Benefit Program for National Business Association members from NCSPlus Incorporated, one of the nation’s leading collection service/accounts receivable management firms.

The NCSPlus Cash Recovery System increases recovery rate, lowers collection costs, and improves cash flow. As opposed to collection companies that charge a percentage of the patient bill, or a flat fee and a percentage, NCSPlus charges NBA members only a low flat fee. NCSPlus is not compensated based upon a percentage of the debt, so they pursue both small and large balances and give equal attention to both. Because of their customer service focus, NCSPlus reports a recovery rate that is more than twice the national average.

NBA members who enroll in this program receive a free Bonus Upgrade Package that includes:

  • Money-back guarantee on the recovery of 400% of the system price
  • Complimentary computer maintenance fee
  • Free debtor reporting to the major credit bureaus
  • NCSPlus has affirmed to NBA its compliance with all state and federal collections laws and requirements and holds you harmless from actions taken in response to its efforts to collect on your accounts.

This saving is offered to Cornerstone, Keystone, and Archway Members of the National Business Association.